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Purchase Process


Please provide the following information: 1. Product Name, 2. Quantity, 3. Your Name, 4. Address, and 5. Phone Number. Send these details via email to

Delivery Period and Total Amount Notification

We will inform you of the delivery date, the total amount including shipping costs, and payment information within a few days.

*Please note that if the item is out of stock, it will take some time to produce.


If you are satisfied with the details, please make a payment by bank transfer or credit card.


We will ship your order after confirming the payment and will inform you via email once the order has been dispatched.

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

About the Selling Price

The selling price will be the amount displayed (price displayed / including consumption tax).


About Payment

You can use credit card payment or bank transfer for payment. We will ship the product after the payment is completed.

About Delivery

We will ship within Japan using Yamato Transport. The shipping cost will be a flat rate of 1,100 JPY for Kyushu, Shikoku, and the Chugoku region, 2,200 JPY for Hokkaido and Okinawa, and 1,650 JPY for all other regions.

For international shipments (outside of Japan), we will calculate the shipping cost for each order and notify you accordingly.

Time of Delivery of Goods

​If the item is in stock, it will be shipped within 7 days after the payment is completed. If the item is not in stock, we will contact you each time to inform you of the delivery time. If you are in a hurry, please consult with us in advance.

About Returns

In the unlikely event that there is a defect in the product, please contact us via email at within 7 days. We will bear the shipping cost for returns and exchanges, so please return the item with postage prepaid. We do not accept returns other than the above, and used products cannot be returned.

Name and Contact Information of the Business Operator
Store name: Kei Nakamura
Person in charge: Kei Nakamura

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