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Kei Nakamura

Aiming to create items that convey the charm of bamboo.

bamboo craft
- Career and Education -
Born in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.
2017 Completed Oita Prefectural Bamboo Craft Training Center
2017 Studied under Masato Takae
2022 Became independent
Currently active in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

2023 Kei Nakamura Bamboo Craft Exhibition @ Budou no Tane

2024 Cotique Basket Exhibition
2023 svale furniture Woodworking Fair
2023 CASICA Gallery Basket Exhibition
2023 Mengtan Gallery & Shop 3rd Anniversary Exhibition
2022 Takaoka Craft Store
2022 cotogoto "Basket and Colander Exhibition"
2022 Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore
2022 SICF22 MARKET Division Winners Exhibition
2022 Saku no Tsuitachi Exhibition 4 "Basket Department Store"
2021 Craft City Takaoka Craft Exhibition


2024 ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Market
2023 7th Kansai Flea Market
2023 Craft Fair Matsumoto
2022 Tomoshibito no Tsudoi
2022 Niwanowa Art & Craft Fair Chiba
2022 Craft Fair Matsumoto
2022 Yamaguchi Arts & Crafts
2020 ARTS & CRAFT Shizuoka Handmade Market

2023 Takaoka Craft Competition, selected
2023 3rd Japan WABUNKA Grand Prix, Grand Prize
2021 Takaoka Craft Competition, Runner-up
2021 SICF22 MARKET, Sari Hayashiguchi Award
2021 Bamboo Crafts in Daily Life Exhibition, Beppu City Council Chairperson Award
2020 Bamboo Crafts in Daily Life Exhibition, MPP Award
2019 Bamboo Crafts in Daily Life Exhibition, Oita Joint Newspaper President's Award
2017 Japan Craft Exhibition, Selected
2017 Bamboo Crafts in Daily Life Exhibition, Beppu Bamboo Products Cooperative Association Chairman's Award
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