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Bamboo Keychain
Bamboo keychain.JPG
Bamboo keychain hand.JPG
Bamboo keychain back.JPG

Enjoy the natural beauty of bamboo with this keychain.


Feel the smooth front, the silky back, and explore the cross-section and nodes of the bamboo—a material you might not usually pay much attention to—every day.


The back, prone to getting dirty, is thinly coated with urethane.

All metal parts are made of brass, allowing you to enjoy the aging process of both bamboo and brass.

bamboo keychain (Available with or without nodes)
L: ¥3,080 (
​M: ¥2,750 (
Size: L W1.3 x D0.7 x H12cm (Including metal parts H15cm)
​       M W1.2×D0.7×H9cm (Including metal parts H12cm)

Material: Bamboo (Japanese-made), brass, urethane
Notes: As these are natural materials handcrafted by artisans, there might be slight variations in size, shape, and color. 
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