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This work was inspired by the `Ikadazoko' (Ikadazoko, often referred to as 'raft base' in English, is a traditional Japanese design pattern that emulates the construction of a raft. It's commonly found on the bottoms of baskets.) decorations on the bottoms of shopping carts.


The bamboo strips at the bottom of the raft are wide, thick, and strong. It is usually used as a bottom, so it doesn't see the light of day, but I was drawn to its strength and beauty and wanted to make use of the atmosphere similar to the bottom of a raft.


Not only can it be used as a waste basket, but it can also be used to store large papers and cloth items. It would also be nice to add dried flowers. The small size can also be used on the table as pasta stock.

Ⅼ:¥71,500 (
​M:¥46,200 (i
​S: ¥27,500 (i
Size: Φ27×H40cm, M Φ21×H30cm, S Φ16.5×H20cm
Material: Bamboo (Japanese-made), rattan

Notes: As these are natural materials handcrafted by artisans, there might be slight variations in size, shape, and color.
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