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This bamboo flower vase offers a variety of expressions depending on the size, number, placement, and combination.You can stack different sizes or insert one inside the other.

Whether you pair it with the compatible brass weight that comes as a set, or use your own small bottle as a weight to arrange flowers, both are acceptable. When not holding flowers, it can be enjoyed as an ornament.

It would be a delight if it inspires you to casually arrange flowers, pondering, "How shall I arrange them today?"

Set of 5:¥35,750 (
Brass water container for flower arranging:¥4,290 (
Sold individually:LL ¥9,460 (
​L ¥8,360 (
​M ¥7,370 (
S ¥6,490 (
​SS ¥5,720 (
Sizes: LL 21cm square, L 18cm square, M 15cm square, S 12cm square, SS 9.5cm square​, Brass water container for flower arranging Φ3×7cm
Material: Bamboo (Japanese-made), brass
Notes: As these are natural materials handcrafted by artisans, there might be slight variations in size, shape, and color.
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